Slide Rail Conveyor: An Ergonomic Solution by Erica Bacon

slide rail conveyor.jpg

Our customer had their employees pushing car seats down steel rails, and the force required to do this ended up causing numerous employee injuries. To address this, the customer came to us in need of something that could operate in the way the steel rails were while diminishing the force required to operate them. We came up with the slide rail conveyor, a dual-rail conveyor outfitted with skate wheels to help easily move product.

Each rail features small, ultra-close affected wheel centers that are mounted on two lanes of staggered bushings. They create a very low rolling friction—even on heavy products with non-conveyable footprints—and they do it way better than UHMW or slide steel rails, which require more than 95% more push force.

The system can include as many or as few rails as required, and the customer can determine their spacing. They are painted with two-part epoxy paint in customer-specified RAL color, meaning they come in any color at no additional cost. The floor supports, guiding, and additional customization can vary with the application. They can also be incorporated with Tuff Automation metering stops or braking devices to control product flow.

Our slide rail conveyors are purely gravity conveyor—they require no electricity or controls to operate.  As such, they're a much more affordable alternative to powered plastic chain conveyors.

These conveyors are a durable solution to an expensive problem, and they can save companies thousands of dollars in electricity and employee injury costs.

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