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Product Spotlight: The Ultra-Quiet Electronic Pusher by Erica Bacon

We always enjoy coming up with cutting edge solutions for our integration partner Cisco-Eagle. This time around, we created a pusher that runs so quietly you can barely hear it.

How it works

The unit was intended to push small product in RSC cases, sized 4.5” x 7.75” x 3”, into a Gaylord dunnage basket from a Hytrol E24 conveyor. Mounted to the side of the conveyor, the unit would push a max of 20 half-pound to one pound parts per minute. The customer requested that the pusher be no louder than 63 decibels. The Tuff Automation standard pneumatic pusher is not much louder than that as is, but we decided to take this opportunity to develop a “rotational pusher assembly” that operates much more quietly.

How is it so quiet?

Because it works without a valve, and because there's no impact, much of the noise of a standard pneumatic pusher is completely eliminated in this electronic pusher. Simple VFD motor controls are actuated to get the pusher moving, and once it's going it completes one cam-actuated divert per every motor rotation. The design is robust and very simple to control. A unit like this could be easily incorporated into any small item sortation application.

Going above and beyond

For this project, in addition to the pusher, Tuff also provided turnkey controls, drawings, and programming for the installation of the entire system scope. You can check out a video of the unit quietly in motion here.

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