Tuff Automation does robots by Erica Bacon

The long and short of what we want to communicate in this post is succinctly contained within its title. We work with robots. We’ve programmed them, we've built their supporting components, and we’ve created end-of-arm tooling for them. Is your interest piqued? If so, read on.

Automation begets efficiency

Robotics is a growing field in automation that's been making complex and delicate processes more efficient and precise. Robots are widely becoming more popular in material handling processes, but many hesitate to incorporate them into their processes due to the investment they require upfront. We’re here to tell you that in the face of rising costs and liabilities incurred by using personnel, the investment pays off.

Robotics implemented

One project we completed was built and programmed for an automobile seat assembly line. Our client is always looking to make their assembly process leaner, so they opted to automate the off-load process of seats from the build line. Implementing a robot in their assembly process enabled our client to use the employees who would otherwise be doing the heavy lifting to do work on other parts of the assembly process.

Tuff builds, wires, and programs

Our client ordered the Fanuc robot, and we at Tuff Automation designed and built the axis it rides on and its end of arm tooling. We also did all the wiring, installation, and robot and PLC programming. The final product operates at the end of the line and matches completed seats with their ship pallets using Internal Build Numbers (IBNs), and it looks something like this: