Custom Shuttle Carts by Tuff Automation / by Erica Bacon

custom shuttle cart

Our customer needed an effective way to transport 25 bins to be filled and emptied. Tuff engineers worked with the client to come up with an approach that was durable, cost-effective and efficient. The shuttle cart system was the perfect answer. If a cart system was not used, the customer would need to utilize many conveyors and transfers to accomplish the task at hand. The shuttle cart provides a simple, solution that saved money on costly equipment.

The Tuff shuttle cart is very versatile. It allows for multiple carts to be placed on the same track. If our customer’s needs change in the future, the shuttle carts can be easily modified to meet their requirements. A third vertical axis can be attached to the current system so that the carts can access products that are stacked up high. Rather than building new machines as their needs change, this flexibility ensures that the Tuff product will be used for years to come.

Many times, facilities have multiple systems made by different vendors. Typically, each supplier has a different control platform and different software set. This results in “islands of automation” which can be a roadblock to consistency across the plant. In order to solve this problem, Tuff used the same software as the other systems in the plant. This allows our carts to be easily integrated into their current set up, as well as reduces the need for training on new software.

The shuttle carts utilize the Rockwell Automation integrated motion functionality.  This cutting-edge technology is where the industry is headed. With the use of this technology, we can be sure that the shuttle carts will not be obsolete in a few years. In addition to being flexible, it is easy to make changes within the system. Trouble-shooting problems is less time-intensive and simpler than the alternative.

Tuff equipment is built to last. Our client can rest assured that they are getting the highest quality equipment for their investment. Tuff Automation only uses the best components when building our machines. Each part is carefully chosen based on sustainability so that our machines hold up to the rigors of constant use. Tuff Automation also stands behind their machines with excellent customer service. Interested in finding out how Tuff can help your company? Contact us for a quote. We would be happy to help.

Watch the shuttle cart in action below: