**One left!** Refurbished CO2 Scrubbers: Like new, at a fraction of the price. / by Erica Bacon


UPDATE: Only one left! Don't miss this opportunity to save 40% on a Tuff CO2 Scrubber! Tuff carbon dioxide scrubbers are built to take the demands of your controlled atmosphere (CA) storage. For a limited time, you can integrate one into your CA storage system at a fraction of the cost. A refurbished CO2 Scrubber from Tuff boasts the same features as a brand new one, but it costs up to 40% less.

In most cases, our CO2 scrubbers operate 15-30% more efficiently than the competition. Comparatively, our scrubbers add the least amount of oxygen per scrub cycle, and they have zero pressure effect on the CA rooms.

The refurbished Tuff CO2 scrubber boasts all the advantages of a new one at an incredibly affordable price.

Key Features

  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Has same life expectancy as brand new equipment (10 years on absorption media)
  • Factory refurbished and tested
  • Save up to 40% on cost as opposed to buying new
  • Produces virtually zero oxygen feedback
  • Capable of controlling oxygen and nitrogen levels by interfacing with a nitrogen generator and adding oxygen via valving
  • VFD-driven centrifugal blower to reduce heat and save energy
  • Automatically tests rooms for leaks

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