Re-route product with a Tuff transfer / by Erica Bacon


Transfers are ideal for reducing conveyor floor space, because they can reroute product 90 degrees without requiring large conveyor curves. Tuff Automation designs, builds, and integrates transfers to optimize the flexibility of your conveyor systems.

Efficient, space-saving product redirection

Tuff transfers are custom built to fit your application. They can be mounted to any kind of live roller conveyor. They can be inserted into standard line shaft conveyor (1.9) with rollers on three-inch centers without modification, meaning you don’t have to buy special conveyor sections to accommodate them.

Durable and gentle material handling

Our belt transfers are ideal for product that needs to be handled more gently—the belts don’t mar product. Our transfers are typically pneumatically actuated, utilize DC or AC conveyor motors, and can incorporate as many strands as necessary. Tuff transfers offer torsion bar design for smooth, level operation, and they are easy to maintain with simple belt change-out.

Custom designs, custom solutions

Our lead times are highly competitive, and we use only materials of the highest quality. If you have questions about how Tuff Automation can customize a transfer for you, contact us or request a quote online.