Tuff Automation does robots / by Erica Bacon

Robots make complex and delicate processes more efficient and precise. They are widely becoming more popular in material handling processes. Still, many hesitate to incorporate them into their processes because of the investment they require upfront.

We’re here to tell you that the investment pays off in safety and efficiency.

Tuff builds, wires and programs

Tuff Automation integrates robots. We design end-of-arm tooling, program robots and PLCs, wire and install. Does your project call for vision? We do that too. From drawing board to production floor, we'll see your project through.

Are robots right for you? Let us find out.

Tuff Automation has two robots in house for product testing. Let us determine how compatible your product is for robot implementation while we come up with the best material handling solution.

Check out one of our systems in action: