Tuff has diverse industrial networking experience / by Erica Bacon

industrial networking.jpg

Industrial networks are a necessary component of any automated material handling system. They are set up to use standard network protocols in rugged, industrial environments that require equipment to withstand vibration, extreme temperatures, humidity, and scalability. They require customization based on the environment and application of the machinery they control. Tuff Automation has experience working with and implementing a variety of industrial network protocols. Our deep familiarity with such an array of networks further ensures our ability to customize a system that meets your exact needs. Some common networks we've implemented include:

  • Ethernet (Ethernet IP/Profinet)
  • DeviceNet
  • ControlNet
  • Profibus
  • ASI
  • and many more.

In-depth industrial networking experience is essential to building a comprehensive controls system. In cabling, bandwidth calculations, and future planning, Tuff Automation has the experience you need to make sure your system runs efficiently—without a hitch.

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