Controls & Integration

Tuff has experts in all parts of the material handling solution process. So designing, developing, and programming customized material handling controls systems are no exception. Our experience with various control strategies allows us to save valuable time in designing, implementing repair or modification, and making additions to your control system. Whether you need hardwiring or robot integration, we have the expertise needed to make sure your controls solution is the best solution.



PLC Programming

Tuff Automation engineers have a comprehensive understanding of PLC programming. For any and all controls needs you may have, we can customize a program to make your machinery function. Our extensive experience working with Allen-Bradley products extends to all kinds of AB PLCs. We also work with all Siemens brand PLCs and all OMRON brand PLCs.

pC Programming

Some applications require the incorporation of a PC. Our controls staff are well-versed in creating customized programs for PCs built to communicate with material handling systems. We have experience with C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, HTML, and more.

PC Programming.jpg


HMI Development

We develop HMIs to customer specifications. Our programs make monitoring the status and manually controlling your machinery easy and intuitive. We can implement a variety of HMI brands, including Allen-Bradley FactoryTalk ViewC-more, and Beijer iX.

Vision and Inspection Systems

If your system needs to incorporate some kind of checkpoint to verify the presence of components and work done, we can help. Our extensive experience with a variety of different sensors gives us the flexibility to customize a system to meet your exact needs.

vision inspection.jpg


Industrial Networks

Tuff Automation has experience working with and implementing a variety of industrial network protocols. The depth of our familiarity ensures our ability to customize a system that meets your specifications. Some common networks we've implemented include: Ethernet, DeviceNet, ControlNet, Profibus, ASI, etc.

Panel Build and Hardwiring

Our electricians pride themselves on efficiently designed and wired panels. Tuff Automation employs simple design optimized to your specific process, and we strive for ease of use.



Barcode/RFID Readers

When it comes to data transfer, barcode scanners and RFID readers can be invaluable. Tuff Automation has experience integrating barcode scanners and RFID readers for product tracking, final product verification, and sequence checking in a multitude of systems.

Robot Integration

Robots are ever increasing in popularity. Their incorporation into material handling processes begets efficiency, safety, and savings. We can help integrate a robot into your system with customized end-of-arm tooling, wiring, and programming. Read more about our experience with Robotics


Installation, Integration, & Testing

We participate in every part of the controls process, from start to finish. Once your controls system has been designed and built, our experts can help with installing it and integrating it into existing equipment. We also test our systems for quality, so you can rest assured that everything works like it should.