Tuff Automation has all your CA needs / by Erica Bacon


Whether you're looking to have some existing controlled atmosphere (CA) equipment refurbished or serviced, or you're in the market for some brand new, top-of-the-line nitrogen generators, carbon dioxide scrubbers, and CA controllers, Tuff Automation does it all and everything in between.

Tuff can save you thousands of dollars

With our complete, custom-engineered nitrogen generators, carbon dioxide scrubbers, and automatic CA controllers, you will save thousands on energy bills. We pride ourselves on our energy-efficient designs.

Already have a nitrogen generator? Have Tuff rebuild it with a warranty. We service all competitor models and guarantee our service and equipment, and you'll have a much more efficient machine.

Open and close storage rooms with ease

Tuff supplies Salco Insulated Doors at affordable prices. These doors are durable, easy to use, and come in a variety of configurations so they can be ordered to suit your space.

We'll analyze your current system for free

Don't build or add to your facility without a free system analysis from Tuff Automation. We can help you determine the most efficient ways to incorporate and reconfigure your system so that you can save money.

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