What you didn't know about the history of conveyors [Infographic] / by Erica Bacon

Conveyors have been such a significant part of our culture for so long, it's easy to ignore their roles in our daily lives. Chances are, you probably didn't wonder how long the conveyor has been around when one appeared in the famous chocolate factory episode of I Love Lucy:

Image via Breaking Soup

Or think about how accurate its inclusion was in the mine where Indiana Jones fought off a thuggish guard while headed straight towards a rock crusher:

Image via Central Conveyors

Or think anything of any of the handful of times conveyors have appeared in film and television. But the truth is that conveyors have been used for a number of different applications for over 200 years. Check out the infographic below for a detailed visual history of where conveyors started and where they are today, with information and data courtesy MHEDA.

The History of the Conveyor Tuff Automation material handling